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The Association of College & University Policy Administrators (ACUPA) is an informal association of professionals who formed a network to discuss college and university policy issues. The group, originally known as the "Ivy-Plus" Policy Professionals (IPPP), held its first formal meeting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in September 1998. Several individuals that attended the MIT meeting had also gathered at the CAUSE96 Conference in San Francisco. Most recently, the group convened for ACUPA 2003 hosted by University of Minnesota. Because of limited travel budgets ACUPA has been having periodic conference calls during the year. The plan is to have three each year to discuss various policy process and policy issue topics.


The mission of the group is explore both the policy process on college and university campuses as well as to discuss specific policy issues. The mission will be fulfilled through periodic meetings, special events, outreach activities, and electronic communications among the membership.

Membership Information

There are no formal membership requirements at the present time. ACUPA is an informal network of college and university administrators with an evolving organizational structure. Individuals who share a similar interest are invited to attend acupa events or participate in the acupa listserv list.

Contact Information

Since ACUPA is an informal association based upon contributions of volunteers, it does not have an official home or point of contact. It is likely that your interest in contacting us is based upon something you have seen at this Web site or your desire to get further involved.

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